Holding Employers Responsible For Retaliation

Many employees fear filing harassment or discrimination claims against their employers because they believe they will be punished for using the law to defend themselves. As a result, they continue to endure these illegal actions, putting their safety and well-being at risk.

In the United States, workers are protected against retaliation when they bring complaints against supervisors or other authoritative figures at work. While you may suspect that your rights have been violated, you may not know what course of action to take. To complicate matters, lawsuits can be dismissed in Alabama or Georgia if proper procedures are not followed or if the statute of limitations has expired.

At Agricola Law, near Auburn, our full-service law firm handles a range of issues related to employment law, including retaliation claims. Our legal team understands that many employees are reluctant to file a complaint against an employer; however, they may feel taking legal action is their only option. When you work with our award-winning trial attorneys, Barbi Agricola and Al Agricola, you can be assured that claims will be directed through the appropriated channels and instances of retaliation will be addressed.

Securing Maximum Compensation For Complicated Retaliation Claims

Our attorneys have defended our clients' interests in state, federal and appellate courts. As a result, they are equipped to handle even the most intricate employment law concerns. As tireless advocates, we can secure favorable outcomes for clients who suffered retaliatory actions such as:

  • Getting fired
  • Being demoted, disciplined or reassigned
  • Having pay docked
  • Receiving an untruthful negative work evaluation

The Agricola Law team understands that it is stressful to file a suit against your employer. You can rely on our staff to handle your case with the discretion and sensitivity this matter requires. From our first meeting at our Opelika office until the resolution of your case, we will show you that we have your best interests in mind.

Worried About The Repercussions Of Filing A Complaint? Speak To A Compassionate Lawyer.

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