Safeguarding Your Child's Rights During Custody And Visitation Negotiations

When parents decide to divorce, disputes over child custody and visitation rights are often the most contentious. Conflicts erupt over competing perspectives on how to best raise, educate and care for children. If you are involved in this process, you know that it's difficult for emotional parties to reach an agreement on these hot-button issues.

This is the time to have an objective and informed ally at your side. Working with a knowledgeable professional during negotiations, you can be assured that an appropriate strategy will be developed and utilized. This fierce advocate will fight to secure favorable terms in your agreement. A wise legal counselor strives to promote a reasoned and objective argument in sessions, preventing emotions from derailing discussions.

At Agricola Law, our family law attorneys, Barbi Agricola and Al Agricola, display these attributes and others when she represents her clients in custody and visitation disputes in Opelika, Montgomery and Auburn. Drawing on years of experience with family law issues, Barbi and Algert can assess your unique family circumstances and advise you on your custody options. Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody or visitation access, she can create a plan of action that promotes your child's best interests.

Protecting Your Children's Interests Now And In The Future

You may believe Alabama and Georgia family court judges are predisposed to award sole custody to one parent over another. This is not the case. Barbi, Al and their legal staff have helped many types of clients resolve custody matters favorably, including:

  • Unmarried parents
  • Fathers
  • Grandparents
  • Nonbiological parents or custodians

In addition to negotiating agreements or arguing disputes in court, Barbi and Al also represent clients in issues relating to custody modification, enforcement and violations.

Agricola Law is committed to promoting your child's needs whether you need guidance during a custody dispute or years after the order is approved.

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