What to do after a divorce

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Family Law

Just because the divorce is finalized and you are, hopefully, happy with the results, doesn’t mean you’re done with your divorce lawyer. Sometimes exes do not hold up their end of the agreement, and other times legal paperwork still needs to be taken care of, For example, keep an eye on the following scenarios that might affect you post-divorce.

If you have a will and testament that states everything will go to your ex-spouse, a divorce does not nullify that should something happen to you. Be sure to speak with your estate lawyer to adjust your beneficiaries.
Additionally, if you were awarded certain assets during the divorce such as a full ownership of a car or house, and your ex-spouse is not moving forward with paperwork to finalize this, additional legal aid may be necessary.
Make sure you are no longer responsible for any previously shared debts if that is what the divorce settlement says.
If the divorce settlement stated certain monthly child or spousal support payments that you find yourself unable to afford after the divorce, seek a divorce attorney to help rework payments.
Ensure that your visitation rights to your children are upheld, and of course, seek legal services if your ex is trying to deny you your rights.
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