Representing Your Case In Appellate Courts

Appellate cases are an area of law that is very complicated. Agricola Law, LLC, offers experienced representation in state and federal appellate courts in Georgia and Alabama. An appellate court is a part of the legal system where already heard cases are appealed to a higher court.

If You Want To Appeal To A Higher Court, Time Is Of The Essence

To begin with, all cases are first tried at the trial court level, but thanks to our legal system the losing party has the ability to appeal to higher appellate courts. Our appeals lawyer works for you to ensure that any mistakes made in the original trial are not overlooked and persuade the appellate courts to overturn decisions made in lower courts.

Whether you need an appellate lawyer to act as a criminal defense lawyer, family lawyer or personal injury lawyer, it is important to remember that time is of the essence. Appeals need to be prepared and filed within time limits fixed by the rules of the court. So do not hesitate to contact us about our court appeal services.

Answers To Common Questions About Criminal Appeals In Alabama

Need to appeal a criminal conviction? You likely have many questions about how this process works. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions asked by clients considering an appeal.

How can I qualify for an appeal in Alabama?

In a criminal matter, an appeal is not granted automatically. As the defendant, you must successfully demonstrate (with the help of an attorney) that there were legal errors or mistakes in your original trial and that those issues were serious enough to impact the final verdict. A partial list of these mistakes could include errors of fact or law made by the judge, improper admission or omission of evidence and very ineffective representation by your defense lawyer.

Why should I file for an appeal?

A criminal appeal is typically intended to overturn a conviction. If you feel your conviction was the direct result of errors or misconduct in the trial court, filing an appeal is your only avenue for addressing those problems and potentially making things right. Your alternative to pursuing an appeal is simply to accept the verdict and sentence as delivered.

Are there any misconceptions about the appeals process?

There are numerous misconceptions people believe about criminal appeals. Below, we have busted three of these appellate myths.

  1. An appeal is not a new trial. When you are granted an appeal, it is not a “do-over” of your original trial. You cannot present new evidence or make your case to a jury. Instead, a multijudge panel reviews all of the records associated with the original trial to determine if an error was made and, if so, whether it likely impacted the verdict.
  2. Winning your appeal does not always mean you are in the clear. After weighing the evidence, it is common for appellate courts to agree with (affirm) the original ruling. But even if they overturn the original ruling, you might not be out of jeopardy. The prosecution may be able to try the case again, or the appellate court may remand the case back to the trial court to address specific errors.
  3. Not all defense attorneys are effective in criminal appeals. Being a trial lawyer and an appellate lawyer are two different sets of skills and knowledge. Some attorneys are great in both venues, but many lawyers choose to focus on either trial court or appellate law. Also, it is common to change lawyers on appeal, so you don’t need to consider options for appeal when choosing a trial attorney.

If you have additional questions about criminal appeals in Alabama, you can contact our firm to discuss them with an experienced Opelika criminal defense attorney.

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