We Know What Matters

We Know What Matters

Title IX & Student Conduct

There are few things scarier than finding yourself accused of a potential Title IX sexual harassment, sexual assault, or Student Conduct violation. The rules, regulations, and policies in this field are constantly changing. Some schools and universities have multiple polices for these potential offenses. Typically, the standard of proof in these cases is much lower than the criminal burden of beyond a reasonable doubt. The consequences of being found responsible for violating a school’s policy in this area can be devastating and can including expulsion from school and a notation on your transcript. It is far too serious to go it alone.

Agricola Law prides itself in zealously advocating for your rights and providing you the best, informed advice possible. Making sense of the federal laws while also understanding how each school or university’s individual policies interact can be mind-boggling. You aren’t alone; we are here to help. You have a right to have someone serve as your advisor through the process. You need an advocate who will make sure your rights are protected and exercised at every step of the way. You need someone who can assist you through the investigation and potential hearing.

We offer services to not only in the local area, including Auburn University and Southern Union State Community College, but any school or university within Alabama or Georgia. Additionally, we represent clients in the K-12 arena as well.

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