Helping you protect your personal interests during a divorce, custody battle or support issue, we work to get through the process as quickly and as easily as possible. It is our highest goal to secure the best outcome for you and your family.

Our Family Law and Divorce Attorneys Serve Opelika, Auburn, and Surrounding Areas

At Agricola Law, our educated family lawyers are here to share your happiness in adoption, as well as your sorrow and stress in a divorce or custody battle. Family law is complicated, and we will stand by your side through divorce, domestic violence accusations, paternity issues, adoption, and more.

Our Divorce Lawyers Are Here For You

Alabama & Georgia law protects no-fault justifications for divorce, so many couples do not think they need a divorce attorney. Ending the marriage, however, is only one small aspect of the separation process. When custody, visitation, alimony, and distribution of assets are at stake, you need an experienced and compassionate divorce and child custody lawyer on your side.

Our divorce lawyers and child custody attorneys are here to negotiate a fair resolution to contested matters without the need for court. But if a trial is the best option for one or more of the parties, our experienced team at Agricola Law is prepared to argue your case in a courtroom, whether you are in the middle of a divorce or are attempting to change arrangements post-divorce.

Paternal Rights And Responsibilities, Grandparent’s Rights, Domestic Violence Law, and More from Agricola Law

When a child’s well-being is at stake in a child custody case, we act in the best interest of the child. Whether this means protecting a father’s visitation and custody rights, determining legal parentage, or ensuring one parent’s financial support, our compassionate team is here to protect rights for all of our clients and their children in any paternity proceeding. Additionally, we will fight for visitation and grandparent’s rights in the event that the child’s parents are divorced or deceased.

As experienced domestic violence lawyers, and can help stop or prevent emotional, verbal, or physical abuse through various legal protections. When your safety is on the line, you can bet that we will treat your case as if it were our own. Providing both criminal and family defense, we also work to ensure that those wrongfully accused of abuse are eligible for a fair trial.

At Agricola Law, We Take Each Case Personally

Whatever your reason for seeking a family lawyer, we take your case personally and our family law attorneys have the knowledge and knowhow to defend your rights. Contact us today to see how we can best serve you.