Guiding You Through Divorce And Other Family Legal Matters

Whether it is an adoption of a child or divorce from a contentious spouse, these actions can be stressful to finalize when the law is involved. If you are not familiar with family law procedures, you may worry about completing the necessary paperwork accurately or following the appropriate steps. When your family’s welfare is at stake, it is risky to rely on “self-help” solutions.

At Agricola Law, LLC, our legal professionals have a deep understanding of family law statutes. As a result, we efficiently navigate legal procedures so that your issues are resolved in a timely fashion. Led by founding attorney Barbi Agricola and attorney Al Agricola, our staff strives to put your mind at ease by remaining accessible throughout the process. We believe that a well-educated client is a satisfied client.

Obtaining Long-Term Solutions For Complex Family Matters

Centrally located in Opelika (near Auburn), our firm counsels clients needing help with family law concerns that include:

Agricola Law is qualified to resolve disputes using a variety of approaches. Should you choose litigation, mediation or negotiation, Barbi and Al Agricola are licensed to advocate on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a prenuptial agreement work?

Viewed to have the same weight as any business contract, a prenuptial agreement is a personal contract between two people before they enter a legal marriage. Outlining the distribution of wealth in the event of divorce or legal separation, a “prenup” is meant to protect the assets of one or both parties. A prenuptial agreement must be agreed upon by both parties and its stipulations for spousal support and disbursement depend on full financial disclosure.

How quickly can a divorce be finalized?

From the date of filing until the date that divorce is granted is 30 days by law. Though most people wish to have divorce proceedings go as quickly as possible, many factors often delay the process, causing most divorces to take several months. Child support and custody, alimony payments and division of property are often the reasons divorce proceedings are extended.

How long will this take and how long will it take me?

Every divorce is different and no specific timeline for completion is possible without knowing the factors that will influence your case. Please discuss your circumstances with one of our attorneys.

What’s the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce?

A contested divorce means there will be some disputed issues between the parties, which will require the court to adjudicate if the spouses cannot come to an agreed-upon settlement. The disputed issues are generally about a property settlement, custody and parenting rights and/or spousal support (alimony). An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the parties agree to the terms and conditions they set for themselves, with no disputed issues requiring court resolution.

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