Helping College Athletes Negotiate Contract Agreements

The landmark movement that enables student-athletes to earn income has finally arrived. Ending a century-long rule of unpaid amateur status for its athletes, the NCAA approved a temporary policy change that empowers athletes in all three divisions to capitalize on their name, image and likeness (NIL). This stop-gap policy is in place until the NCAA finalizes new rules. The new policy also applies to athletes at schools in states where there are no NIL laws in place.

Now, student-athletes can fully take part in college sports’ multibillion-dollar industry by marketing themselves and legally earning income off of their athletic ability and notoriety. It will mean different paydays for different athletes. Still, whether they are a Southeastern Conference football star at Auburn or the captain of a Division III baseball team, they have the ability to capitalize on these opportunities.

Your Advocate For New Opportunities

The attorneys at Agricola Law are well-equipped to help student-athletes capitalize on the right business opportunities, as well as protect clients against businesses attempting to take unfair advantage of the athletes. Some typical revenue streams for student athletes include:

  • Product endorsements
  • Signing autographs
  • Actively promoting sports camps where they teach
  • Branded apparel
  • Trademarked personal logos
  • Monetizing social media accounts

Located in Auburn-Opelika, Alabama, Georgia, our firm serves clients throughout eastern Alabama and western Georgia. We have years of experience handling student-oriented legal issues, including  education law disputes, student conduct matters and Title IX issues. 

Athletes May Need Help Navigating This New World

The economic benefits may be substantial for some athletes and their families, but they will need to proceed with caution to avoid making mistakes they might regret later. Those who need guidance in addressing these unprecedented business opportunities can speak with our attorneys at Agricola Law. We can negotiate contracts, represent the athlete’s best interests, and help avoid accidental policy violations. 

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