Aggressive Defense Against Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you may feel that your finances limit your legal options. You can accept a plea or fight the charges on your own in court. You may believe that it’s financially responsible to represent yourself, especially with misdemeanor offenses or in hearings. While self-representation can save you money in the short term, there are risks attached to this approach. Pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge can affect your ability to secure a job, apartment or loan at a reasonable rate. Over the long run, these restrictions can cost you more than hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Experience Matters, Especially In These Cases

Located in the Auburn area, the legal professionals at Agricola Law, LLC, we provide effective and economical solutions for clients in Montgomery and throughout western Georgia and eastern Alabama. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive courtroom experience. We have represented clients dealing with the following matters:

    • Drug and alcohol charges
    • Theft
    • Weapons charges
    • White-collar crimes
    • DUI charges
    • Assault and battery claims
    • Misdemeanor & felony crimes
    • Municipal court charges
    • Harassment/stalking
    • Public intoxication
    • Possession of marijuana
    • Possession of controlled substances
    • Trafficking
    • Traffic offenses (e.g. driving with suspended license. Reckless driving, speeding, DUI/DWI, etc.)
    • Criminal trespass
    • Domestic violence
    • Sex offenses

These are just a few of the many various criminal charges that you may face. You don’t have to face these charges alone. At Agricola Law, we understand your concerns.

In addition to her years in private practice, Barbi Agricola has served in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. District Courts in Alabama. Al S. Agricola has been representing clients in criminal law matters since 1978. Al Agricola’s experience as a federal prosecutor gives him unique insight into the system as a defense attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refuse to take a breathalyzer test if the officer asks me to do so?

Not unless you want to face the consequences of immediately being arrested for driving under the influence and having your license suspended for 90 days. As a driver in Alabama, you’ve automatically agreed to be subjected to the implied consent law when you signed your driver’s license.

With the roadside breathalyzer being the most commonly used test to determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration, it is important to submit to the test if asked to do so by an Alabama officer. Other field sobriety tests have been shown to be highly subjective and have no pass/fail standard. These tests are used to build evidence against you, and so, therefore, you have the right to refuse to take them.

Do I really have to let police search my car if asked after being pulled over for a routine traffic violation?

As protection against illegal searches, police must prove “probable cause” to search your vehicle after pulling you over. If you consent, an officer won’t need probable cause and can search your entire vehicle at will. Even in cases where you believe you have nothing to hide, you do not have to subject yourself to a vehicle search.

Again, it’s often a tactic to build evidence to be used against you when charged with a crime. On the other hand, if the officer explains that they have probable cause to do so, it is better to allow them access and resist disagreeing with him/her. If the search is proven to be unlawful, your lawyer can fight to have any evidence suppressed or charges dismissed.

The Communities We Serve

We are respected members of the legal communities of Opelika, Auburn, Phenix City, Valley, Lanett, Beulah, Salem, Smith Station and Montgomery, Alabama, as well as Columbus, Georgia. Our attorneys regularly represent clients in courts in Russell County, Lee County, Chambers County, Macon County, Randolph County, Montgomery County, Tallapoosa County, Elmore County and Autauga County, Alabama, and Muscogee County, Harris County and Troup County, Georgia.

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We have experience handling all types of cases. We also represent clients who are curious about the expungement process. Dedicated to thorough preparation and aggressive defense, Agricola Law, strives to protect your rights at all stages of the criminal process. Before you commit to any legal action, contact our Opelika firm at 334-610-1064 to learn about your options.