Even A Minor Animal Bite Can Cause Permanent Damage

Last updated on April 28, 2021

Pet owners have a responsibility to keep their animals from attacking other people. Unfortunately, not all pet owners take this responsibility seriously. This often leads to serious injuries due to dog bites, scratches and other animal attacks.

If you live in Alabama or Georgia and survived an animal attack, we at Agricola Law, LLC, can help you. As experienced personal injury and premises liability attorneys, we have handled many complex cases involving animal-related injuries. We will not rest until we have achieved the very best outcome available to you, whether this involves a settlement or litigation.

What Are Some Examples Of Pet Attacks?

Dog bites are the most frequent type of animal attack. However, other animals can cause serious injuries to humans. Common examples include:

  • Cat bites and scratches
  • Bird attacks
  • Snake bites
  • Horse trampling or bucking
  • Bull trampling or goring
  • Rodent bites

Though some of these examples – say, a rodent bite – may not seem major, they can lead to infection or transmittable diseases. Cat bites and scratches can prove particularly damaging. Do not underestimate the severity of a wound caused by an animal.

Offering Compassion And Personal Guidance

After an animal attack, many victims feel a sense of guilt. Your own friends and family may automatically side with the pet owner and try to excuse the animal’s dangerous behavior. They might not understand what you are going through, but we do. We have helped hundreds of clients who went through the exact same thing. You can talk to our attorneys about what you are experiencing, and we will treat you as a human being with feelings, not just a case file.

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Free Consultations About Animal Attacks

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