Why Google Is Not A Substitute for a Licensed Attorney

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Firm News

It seems like many of us try to use the internet as a substitute for professional assistance far too often these days.

Car is making a strange noise. Ask siri.

Sink is backed up. Look it up on YouTube.

Car is making a strange noise.Ask siri.

You have some strange medical symptoms. Consult WedMD.

Just like those searches usually end up with you calling a professional plumber, mechanic or doctor, the same applies for your legal needs.
The legal process can be complicated and cumbersome and, although the internet is a great source of information, it can present a variety of challenges to you when it comes to any legal situation you are facing because:

• Attorneys practice frequently in front of the same judges and prosecutors which allows them to get to know each other and to perform in the courtroom in the manner that is preferred before that jurist.

• Internet searches do not always yield reliable results. Anyone can post information on a website but there is no guarantee that information is accurate.

• Each set of facts is different. Your case is unique to you and has specific fact patterns that make it different from any other case. Trying to find the rights answer for your legal situation from a Google search is not likely to give you a complete and accurate solution.

• Attorneys benefit from three years of intensive legal education, pass an extremely difficult Bar exam and spend years of experience in the courtroom. That experience and education has equipped licensed attorneys to help you. Google has never had to sit through a criminal procedure class or take a contracts exam.

If you have a legal issue, it is best to consult with a licensed attorney who can talk to you and discuss the specifics of your individual case, go over your options and advocate for you. We, at Agricola Law, would love to do that for you.