Do Alabama and Georgia have stand your ground laws?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Criminal Defense

When you harm another person or contribute to their death, you probably expect to face severe legal consequences. Both Alabama and Georgia prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions in cases involving violent crimes. One of the most severe consequences upon conviction of murder or assault is a lengthy prison or jail term.

But what if your actions were in self-defense? In many cases, your violence may be justified.

Is self-defense a viable option in these states?

Georgia and Alabama each have a version of “stand your ground” laws. Using these laws properly helps you avoid a conviction for your involvement in a violent crime.

Alabama laws

In Alabama, citizens have the right to protect themselves and other individuals against harm. Four examples of situations in which so-called stand your ground laws are effective include:

  • When someone is about to harm you or others with physical or deadly force
  • When someone is about to cause harm during a robbery or home invasion
  • When someone attempts or intends harm through kidnapping or sexual assault
  • When someone attempts or intends harm in a place of employment or business

Keep in mind, naturally, that you have to have some evidence that your fears were reasonable to assert this defense.

Georgia laws

The legal code for standing your ground in Georgia contains fewer details than the Alabama code, but the result is quite similar. Essentially, the use of force, even deadly force, in defending yourself, others and your habitat does not constitute a criminal act.

Of course, you may still face legal trouble even when following the letter of the law in defending yourself. To achieve the best possible outcome, consider engaging a legal advocate to protect your rights and interests during your journey through the judicial system in these states. A criminal defense attorney fills a critical role in helping you overcome your situation as efficiently as possible.