3 serious mistakes to avoid when accused of committing a crime

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When law enforcement comes looking for you and you’re accused of a crime, a million things will likely go through your mind at once. Amidst the confusion, you might end up making mistakes that can hurt your case down the road. 

Here are three costly missteps you want to avoid at all costs if you have been accused of a crime. 

1. Resisting a lawful arrest

Generally, resisting a lawful arrest is never a good idea. Besides the risk of bodily harm, you might end up with additional charges. 

Even if you believe the police are violating your rights, respectfully cooperate with them and raise any incidents of abuse with your legal counsel. 

2. Giving a statement to the police alone

During your arrest and interrogation, the police will ask you several questions. Some, like your name and identification documents, are basics you should oblige. However, if they ask incriminating questions, then respectfully tell them that you would rather have your lawyer around when answering such questions. 

Do not lie to law enforcement as this could get you in trouble. If you find yourself in trouble with the police, it is in your best interest that you exercise your Miranda Rights

3. Discussing your case on social media

When you are stressed, you might be tempted to take to your social media handle to give your side of the story. This, however, can be a costly mistake. What you post online can, and might be used against you. You are better off avoiding social media altogether during those difficult times. 

If you are accused of a crime, you are likely concerned and confused. Fortunately, knowing your legal options can help you avoid costly mistakes that can hurt your case should you go to court.