What if your ex has a new significant other when you co-parent after divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Child Custody

Navigating new romantic relationships after a divorce, especially if you have kids and are co-parenting, isn’t easy. There are all kinds of unfamiliar situations and pitfalls that must be considered and diplomatically handled.

It might be difficult for you to accept seeing your former spouse with someone else. Your children might not understand what’s going on, depending on their ages. They may not be willing to acknowledge that their dad or mom is now partnering with a different person. Maybe they have been through so much upheaval and turmoil because of the divorce that they adamantly refuse to be open-minded.

And what about you? How do you forge a reasonably friendly relationship with this new person who suddenly has a role, whether major or marginal, in your kids’ lives? It can actually be done successfully, with the help of a few tips from experts.

It can be hard to put jealousy and resentment aside when someone new enters the picture. Nevertheless, if you can amiably bring your former spouse’s boyfriend or girlfriend into the family fold, it will go a long way toward ensuring that your children are happy and emotionally stable.

 How you and your children can relate to your ex’s new romantic partner

  • Realize that the new person is not a threat to your relationship with your kids. Rather, he or she is adding to your kids’ lives in a good way. Encourage them to understand that.
  • While decisions about the kids’ upbringing are still between you and your ex, the partner can be helpful as well by being an objective source of insight. Keep the person in the loop.
  • Be welcoming and respectful to the partner. Don’t speak negatively about the significant other to your children. Denigrating the person in front of your kids will only confuse them.

Divorce often entails so many headaches and heartaches. The emotional and legal issues can be numerous and complex. An experienced attorney in the Alabama/Georgia region can be valuable in helping you sort it all out.