Why Title IX is so important

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Title IX

If you’re planning on heading back to school or college, then you want to know that you’ll be attending an institution that is free from discrimination. This will probably be even more the case if it is your children who are heading off for their first college experience.

Title IX is a set of federal laws that prohibits any educational institution from discriminating against pupils, teachers, and staff based on their gender. The legislation was implemented with the aim of tackling gender-based violence especially.

How prevalent is gender-based discrimination on campus?

While most students enjoy their time at school or college, the prevalence of gender-based discrimination is still very high. Unfortunately, this often manifests itself through sexual harassment. Research indicates that at least 15,000 instances of sexual assaults are reported at schools every year.

Who is protected by the legislation?  

While the legislation is aimed at preventing discrimination and violence towards women and girls on campus, it also protects anyone from discrimination based on their gender identity or sexuality.

Encouraging victims to come forward

Despite significant numbers of sexual assaults being documented, it is thought that many still go under the radar. There are numerous reasons why a victim may not wish to report a sexual assault. For instance, they may not want to relive the horrifying experience. They might feel a lack of support and question whether or not they will be believed.

Title IX obligates educational institutions to implement supportive measures such as counseling and medical care and it makes any sort of retaliation against students for reporting sexual harassment unlawful.

If you are attending school or college, you have every right to feel safe. So, too, do your children. If evidence of gender-based discrimination or harassment has surfaced, be sure to assess your legal options.