Why the early months of the year carry a greater risk of divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Family Law

Divorce can occur at any time, but there are cyclical patterns to the level of interest people have in formally filing for divorce. The earliest months of the year often see a noticeable increase in divorce filings. Family law attorneys often have more initial consultations at the beginning of the year, and those who have already come in to discuss their marital challenges may decide they want to file for divorce after the beginning of a new year.

Even those not considering divorce for themselves could be at risk of receiving divorce paperwork from their spouses in the early weeks of the year. They may feel caught off guard and worried about the future. Why does the overall risk of divorce seem to increase at the beginning of the year each year?

People feel hurt by the holidays

Christmas and New Year’s are holidays that may come with high expectations of romance, travel and gifts. Spouses who do not receive romantic gifts or find themselves bearing the burden of all logistical issues for holiday celebrations may feel so disappointed by the state of their marriages that they decide to file for divorce.

Even those who make it into the new year with their relationship intact may start considering divorce after a frustrating or underwhelming Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can be a major source of pressure on relationships. Expectations of romance and disappointment with the state of a marriage can lead to early-in-the-year divorce filings.

People want a brighter future

The beginning of a new year often comes with a time of intense introspection. People think about themselves, their families and their futures. Some people eventually reach the realization during their personal reflections that their marriage is not particularly happy or may even have a negative influence on their overall quality of life.

Those who feel that their marriage is unhealthy or unhelpful might determine that filing for divorce is their best option for pursuing a happier future. While not everyone who contemplates divorce at the beginning of the year eventually files, a noteworthy portion of people do.