3 common mistakes people make online when preparing for divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Family Law

The internet has become a major influence in re: how people live their lives. People often do their jobs online and socialize with their closest friends on social media platforms. The internet helps people feel connected and makes certain daily needs easier to achieve.

Unfortunately, the internet creates as many hazards and pitfalls as it does positive resources. For someone going through a difficult time and preparing for divorce, the internet can be a particularly dangerous place. Those preparing for divorce might make mistakes online that could affect their divorce proceedings. The following are some of the most common online mistakes people commit when preparing for divorce.

Airing grievances on social media

After years of covering up a spouse’s drinking habit or lying about their infidelity, it can feel cathartic to tell the truth. People who decide to file for divorce often take to the internet as a way to make a statement about their experiences and seek support from their social connections. What someone posts on social media can potentially constitute defamation if they do not have evidence to support their allegations. They might alienate people who could otherwise provide them with support and may face accusations from their spouse of intentionally causing reputation damage.

Sharing good fortune

Some people take the opposite approach when going on social media before or during a divorce. Instead of highlighting how they have suffered toward the end of a marriage, they instead try to focus on the positive. They might brag about a recent promotion or even share details about starting to date again. The positive experiences that people share online could affect what happens in a divorce. Details about financial success could lead to more aggressive negotiations during property division proceedings and might potentially affect support obligations as well. Dating stories could lead to accusations of infidelity.

Shopping out of spite

People who know that divorce is imminent sometimes make bad decisions regarding how they spend their money. The internet makes it incredibly easy for someone to engage in the wasteful dissipation of marital resources. They might buy items for when they intend to live on their own later or might just go on a shopping spree. Their spouse might then point to that conduct later and try to alter the outcome of property division proceedings.

Avoiding common online mistakes during divorce proceedings may help people achieve the best outcome possible at the end of a marriage.