Common traffic violations in Alabama and Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Each state has specific laws that drivers must follow while they’re on the road. These are aimed at keeping the streets safe. Police officers are responsible for watching what’s happening and addressing issues as they notice them.

Understanding some of the more common traffic violations may make it easier for individuals to avoid making these missteps. Many of these infractions are actions that drivers take without even thinking about them.

Moving violations

Moving violations are often serious because they endanger the driver, their vehicle’s occupants and everyone around them. Three of the top moving violations in Alabama and Georgia include speeding, failure to yield the right of way, and illegal U-turns. Speeding is a primary issue because it can lead to fatal crashes. In Alabama, speeding was the top factor in fatal crashes in 2021.

Another primary issue throughout the area is distracted driving, especially incidents involving cellphones and texting. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is also a serious issue that can lead to criminal charges. Ultimately, drivers should ensure they can drive safely before they get behind the wheel.

Non-moving violations

The two most common non-moving violations are not having children in a car seat or booster when required and failure to wear a seat belt. While these may seem like tiny issues, they’re substantial safety issues that demand correction. Consider this: in 55% of fatal crashes in Alabama in 2021, no seat belts were worn even though they were available. Failure to use a restraint is one of the three top markers for all crashes.

While many people think that traffic violations aren’t too big of a deal, thy can actually lead to significant problems for drivers. In some cases, insurance rates may increase. Alabama and Georgia use a point system to track drivers’ behaviors for certain violations. If someone gets too many points in a specific time, they may have a suspended license or other penalties. Because of this, fighting traffic violations may be in an individual’s best interests.