Subtle sexism is still wrong

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Title IX

Sexism on college campuses and other institutions is often blatant. Women may be excluded from participating in certain activities. They might be paid less or denied opportunities to progress with their academic careers.

Nonetheless, sexism isn’t always overt, it can be more subtle. Subtle sexism is still damaging and unacceptable. What are some of the more common examples of sexism in its more subtle form?

Being punished for success

Despite facing various obstacles, you’ve managed to be successful in both your education and career so far. However, your male counterparts seem reluctant to congratulate you on this success. Comments have been made about you being cold and ruthless. Such comments could be based on stereotypes about women having to be submissive at all times, and you do not have to put up with them. You should be proud of your achievements and nobody should begrudge you this.

Your contributions are being ignored

At some stage in your educational career, you will have to work on group projects. This shows that you are capable of working as part of a team and making strong contributions. You’ve lived up to this, and contributed greatly to a successful group project. The problem is that your contributions have been dismissed or ignored. The men in your group are receiving all of the praise and reaping the rewards, for your hard work. You should be judged on your efforts, contributions and achievements, not based on the fact that you are a woman.

Title IX laws ensure that you are able to partake in your education without suffering from discrimination. If you feel that you have been singled out in any way because you are a woman, make sure you check out your legal options.