Appellate Law Attorneys Serving Alabama, Georgia, and More

Appellate law is an area of law that is very specialized. Our experienced legal team is experienced in representing clients in state and federal appellate courts in Georgia and Alabama. An appellate court is a part of the legal system where already-heard cases are appealed to a higher court.

If You Want To Appeal To A Higher Court, Time Is Of The Essence

To begin with, all cases are first tried at the trial court level, but thanks to our legal system, the losing party has the ability to appeal to higher appellate courts. Our appeal lawyers work for you to ensure that any mistakes made in the original trial are not overlooked and persuade the appellate courts to overturn decisions made in lower courts. Whether you need an appellate lawyer to act as a criminal defense lawyer, family lawyer, or personal injury lawyer, it is important to remember that time is of the essence. Appellate appeals need to be processed within a certain time limit from the original trial, so do not hesitate to contact us about our court appeal services.

Agricola Law Provides Experienced Appeals Lawyers

If you are the losing party of a recent court hearing, or have questions about our appellate law services, contact Agricola Law today. We are a team of attorneys with big city experience, while maintaining our small town Alabama & Georgia values. One of those values is the belief that all cases deserve to be fully explored, even after a court declares the case closed.