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Civil rights are the guaranteed rights of all individuals to receive equal treatment in the eyes of the law, including being free from discrimination and injustice. Every day, these civil liberties are imposed upon in areas such as employment, housing, and more. Certain federal laws are in place to protect civil rights, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and the Fair Housing Act, among others.

Rights Of Same Sex Couples

The newest addition to civil rights laws involves protecting same-sex couples from discrimination based on sexual orientation, and having the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. At Agricola Law, we are dedicated to defending the rights and liberties of all people, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, ability, national origin, skin color, and sexual orientation.

Employment Law

Employment law is a broad and complex area of law that dictates the employee/employer relationship, including employment contracts, discrimination, workers’ rights to organize, wages and working hours, safety precautions, and more. Knowing your rights as an employee is vital to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of or treated unfairly.

Legal guidelines from State and Federal governments are outlined in provisions such as workmen’s compensation laws, Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, among others. As experienced employment lawyers, we know the ins and outs of these laws, and are dedicated to ensuring that your employer is compliant, and taking legal action when they are not.

Agricola Law Will Protect Your Civil Liberties And Employee Rights

The fight for equal rights did not end when slaves were freed, or when women could vote, or when interracial or same-sex couples could marry. The fight continues, especially for underrepresented and minority groups, and Agricola Law is here to fight on the behalf of marginalized peoples and groups who are being discriminated against in any capacity. As two female attorneys, we deeply empathize with the struggle that discrimination and prejudice causes, and we take your case personally. Contact Agricola Law to speak with our experienced team who are ready to defend your civil rights.