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Teachers, students, schools, districts and school boards have certain rights and responsibilities that are outlined under education law. While the public school system is regulated by the federal Department of Education, the responsibility of maintaining and operating public schools rests at the state level. Education law deals with curriculum standards, school financing, financial aid, liability, school safety, school prayer and student expression.

At Agricola Law, we know how important access to a fair and equitable education is, and are here to help when issues that fall under education law arise. Our legal team understands Alabama's and Georgia's intricate state education laws and know how both state and federal laws apply to a person's situation. If you are the parent of a school-aged child and believe that your child's rights have been violated at school, or if your child requires accommodations or services that are not being met by the school, our education attorney at Agricola Law can help. Every child has the right to a free, public education, and when those rights are violated having a compassionate attorney to stand by you is vital.

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When To Call Your Alabama And Georgia Education Lawyer

Many people are unsure of what instances require an education lawyer. If your child's school is refusing to accommodate a special needs child, violating the civil rights of your child, or if you want to change a rule or regulation, hiring an education lawyer is in your and your child's best interest. Often times, parents try to settle these issues on their own and are, unfortunately, not taken seriously by the administrators, district or board — even when a child's educational future is on the line. Many education issues can be settled discreetly out of court, and consulting a lawyer before taking any action against a school will likely resolve the issue quickly.

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